Hamilton Fringe Festival 2021

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Running from July 14-25, 2021, the Hamilton Fringe festival is in full swing and bringing you an amazing roundup of performers that you can watch online, at the Fringe Patio, or have them come to you! 
For all the details and news, visit hamiltonfringe.ca!

The Hamilton Aerial Group had the great pleasure to participate in the opening of the event this year, as we have in the past, with just a little twist to the format. The Awakening was filmed and shown over the course of the opening night, with a small group of us on our stilts making a live appearance!  It was a great event, and so very good to be on stilts!  Thank you to all my friends at the Hamilton Aerial Group, Lori LeMare for putting together the video used in the event, and to Tanis MacArthur for the incredible buttercrow costume! 

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