Light Trails and Levi Wands!

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– I’ve been working on some new ground skills in recent months, and have a performance routine or two in the works currently, but in the meanwhile, I wanted to play with my limited camera setup and capturing some light trails from my GloFX leviwand! I love this wand at night – it has so many great light programs it’s a treat to pull out after the sun sets.  

Short review of the GloFX Hypno Levitation Wand: Firstly, it’s a great wand and I love, love, love it! If you want the perfect entry into LED wands, this is totally it, hands down.

Over time I did make a few personal tweaks and adjustments though:

  •  I had to adjust the string so it wasn’t knotted to the swivel (just passing through)
  • I did wrap it in silicone tape for some grip with the idea that I would try some contact tricks as the original surface is very smooth, but for my height (I’m 5’11”), it’s just too short (the wand is 24.75″, and my favourite contact wand is about 28″) . With that in mind,  I’m looking for a way to add some length and weight to the ends so I can do some night time contact tricks too. 
  • I also added an LED pom grip rather than the finger loop for a bit of extra performance and contact potential, but the finger loop it came with is also great for when I take this wand up on stilts. (Wanding and Stilting? YES!)  

While I would love to get a strobe flash to upgrade the level of my trail photos, these were a fun start with the equipment I have on hand (and doing them solo with just a timer). If you want to know how I set up these photos, get in touch and let me know! I could do a post about that as well.

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