A little levi-wand levity….

Just a couple short clips testing out some new Levitation Wands I’ve made! Looking for a custom wand or looking to learn? Get in touch!         For all my Air Bending Levi-Wand Friends out there, this one’s for you:  

Dundas: Shop Local Super Saturdays Autumn 2021

The Hamilton Aerial Group is back in action, and I’m bringing my own creature costumes to town for the Dundas BIA Shop Local Super Saturdays!   Come to Dundas on Saturday September 11, 18, and 25 from 1-2pm and meet some mystical magical creatures!  

This Is Here : Hamilton Aerial Group Annual Show 2020

Hamilton Aerial Group was back with our annual aerial and puppet based theatre performance! Presented in partnership with Hamilton Winterfest. A gorgeous 50 minute visual feast of skilled vertical dance featuring aerialists and stilt walkers. Our company of 11 performers have created a performance based on … Continue readingThis Is Here : Hamilton Aerial Group Annual Show 2020