Aerial performances from various shows, events, and sessions:

La Nuit De Glace : A Hamilton Aerial Group Cabaret, Feb 10, 2018

DaVinci: Flight performance at Fly With Me Toronto Autumn 2017:

A Day On The Bridge, performance with the Hamilton Aerial Group June 2017:
A Day On The Bridge

“Griffin in Flight” performance at Fly With Me Toronto 2016:

Fifth Element Performance on the Fly Gym at Brass Bombshells, Oct 2016:
Michelle Prosek Leeloo Fifth Element Fly Gym

Performance – An Evening in Gold, Sept 2016:
An Evening In Gold

Just For Fun – Training and Practice Photos:
Michelle Prosek Just For Fun

Photography by Kathryn Palmateer, 2015:
Kathryn Palmateer Photography

Performance at Fly With Me Toronto 2015
(music: Arabian Suite from the Nutcracker):
Solo Performance - Nutcracker Suite

Performance at Creative Space Toronto 2014 (music: Messiah by Monsta):
Solo Performance






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