Gravitas Music – Emergence Fest Virtual Music Showcase Curated by CloZee

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What an absolutely amazing event! 8 hours plus an after party of incredible music on Saturday made for the start of a great weekend!! Thank you to Gravitas Recordings and CloZee for running the event – looking forward to more from all of the artists showcased, and it was great to discover the VJ’s as well! Incredible talent all around.

I was there for all 8 hours enjoying the beats and mind-blowing visuals – totally worth the wait for CloZee at 1am! (Didn’t make it to the after party because I needed to sleep, sadly)
Below are some screen shots of some of my favourite visuals from the event, by The Void Media, Dariel Leiva, Wolf-e-Wolf, Axel Thesleff, VJ TAS, and more….

(all DJs listed can be found on SoundCloud!)

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